Talent Services

A great professional portfolio has a winning resume, a powerful LinkedIn profile and a set of solid interview skills.

Everything begins with a great resume. Your resume needs to be written by a professional, who makes a living screening hundreds of resumes daily and connecting potential job seekers with HR and Hiring Managers. Someone who has the inside knowledge of how resumes are tracked by the Applicant Tracking Systems and scanned by HR and Hiring Managers.

Forbes Magazine reported that LinkedIn is the number one social tool for both job seekers and hiring managers. 85% of all the profiles do not stand out and does not have the right buzz words. We can help you create a powerful profile which will get the attention of the recruiters.

When you land an interview for a seemingly wonderful job, you only have one chance to ace it. We can coach you to have a successful interview in order to lock in an offer. I will share my vast knowledge on how to interview, including tips and strategies for effective interviewing from preparation through follow up.

Each service can be offered as a la carte or as a package.

How to get started?

1) Please email, telling us which service(s) you are interested in availing

2) We will have the first consultation over the phone

3) Depending on the service(s) you require, we will setup a time for a face to face consultation

Resume Writing Service

If you already have a resume, you will need to send it to us. After our phone consultation, we will write a resume in  line with the industry and job that you are seeking. During our face to face meeting, I will walk you through your new resume and how to modify it in the future for different roles.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service

If you already have a profile, I’ll take a look at it. After our phone consultation, I will know the industry and the type of jobs that you are seeking. During our face to face meeting, we will both sit together and make the appropriate changes to your profile. These sessions are usually an hour long.

Interview Coaching Service

During our initial phone consultation, I will know the job that you will be interviewing for. During our face to face meeting, I will share tips and strategies for a successful interview. I will also share an Interview Cheat Sheet (the most common interview questions and how to answer them). These sessions are 2 hours long.