Why HRc

The main reason for partnering up with HR Connexions, is because of our “One Two Punch!” Search Approach:

On every search assignment, we will meet client expectations on these two key performance metrics:

(1) Time taken to shortlist candidates
(2) Quality of the shortlisted candidates

All search assignments start with an in-depth understanding of our client’s business, the existing organization culture and most importantly a clear understanding about the role, which will be filled. This enables us to better strategize an effective search strategy. By achieving a deeper insight about the client’s organization and the role, we are able to make optimum use of our time, thus making the search process significantly more effective.

When executing a search, we have a clear focus on attracting top-quality candidates. The “war for top-tier talent” exists in most industries. Comprehensive research is the key to identifying those top talents. Our time is primarily invested in approaching “passive” candidates within pre-identified “target” companies. Quality candidates require extensive discussions to come around. Our role is to guide the negotiations so that enthusiasm builds on both sides until a match is found.