Small Business / Startup Consulting 

Small business owners and startup founders are extremely creative and product-focused, however, this level of innovation and dedication can turn into a weak point without the right guidance. Our clients cover a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs, ranging from pre-product tech startups to established brick and mortars. We help owners to stay focused and create logical step-by-step plans to achieve their goals. More info can be found here:



Over the years, we have delivered many workshops to diverse audiences. We facilitate engaging workshops in the areas of job search strategies, resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, and interviews. Whether it is a room full of newcomers to Canada or young Canadians joining the workforce, we offer the most updated industry information and ways to navigate the jobs market.

Workshops held by HR Connexions Canada


 In-house HR Support

The key to the modern operating model is anchored around lean methodologies, where smaller companies are looking to deliver breakthrough business outcomes by harnessing talent, data, and contractual resources. Since speed is of the essence, therefore, HR services need to be offered at a highly efficient level. In the last 5 years, we have offered in-house HR support to companies in the tech and real estate space. We will collaborate with organizational leaders to execute HR programs (recruiting, onboarding, training, and performance management); manage continuous improvement and transformation initiatives; offer HR guidance and expertise to all relevant stakeholders.